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15th January 2014

SUKA is pleased to announce that as at close of nominations on 7 January, VT Rajah (Life Member) was nominated by Messrs. R Danapal and Ravi Gill (Corporate Members) to stand for election as President, SUKA.

In the meanwhile, VT Rajah has formed his committee -elect which are composed of the following SUKA members:-

VT Rajah (President)
Peggy Aziz-Quek (Vice President)
Radha Vijya Kumar (Treasurer)
Adeline Crouch (Secretary)
Sharliza Jelita ( Digital & IT Support & Membership Secretary)
Anu Balamurali
Manjit Sidhu
Yvonne Griffin
Ranjit Sidhu

In the run-up to the AGM, VT Rajah shall be contacting you to seek your support and votes.

13th January 2014

11th January 2014

The Association hereby gives notice of an AGM and Election of the President and his/ her committee, to be held on the Wednesday 5 February 2014, 1830 hours at the Singapore High Commission, 9 Wilton Crescent, London SW1X.

The current President and his committee hereby also give notice of their resignation. Their term shall expire immediately upon the election of the next President and his / her committee.

Plans are being made to coincide the AGM with a special buffet dinner to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the High Commission after the proceedings. More information will follow later.

In the meanwhile, all are reminded to renew their 2014 membership or to sign up as members (if not already so). Attendance/ voting at the AGM and the invitation to the planned buffet dinner are STRICTLY for current (2014) SUKA members only.

By Order of the Association

6th January 2014

Don't miss the reunion of family and friends at #sgday2014 in London - follow Singapore Day (type @SingaporeDay and the FB link would come up) on Facebook to get updates.

3rd January 2014

If singing is your thing, it's time to strut it! Registration for The Singer-porean, a singing contest organised for Singaporeans for Singapore Day 2014, will open soon. Keep a lookout for it! #sgday2014

2nd January 2014

The countdown has begun.are you looking forward to Singapore Day coming to London? #sgday2014

27 December 2013

Will you be there when Singapore Day comes around to London in Spring 2014? #sgday2014

21 December 2013

21 December 2013

Nominations are now open for candidates to stand for election to the management committee of SUKA. Please submit your nominations including their proposers and seconders to before Tuesday 7 January 2014. Your attention is also drawn to the candidate criteria as stipulated in Clause 7.2 of the SUKA Constitution (which can be found on the Membership Page of

25 November 2013

The auction has begun! This mannequin stands approximately 1 meter tall (without the headdress). The crystal beads used to decorate it are from Swarovski and she sports a beautiful black satin dress. Feathers in her headdress are ostrich. This was displayed in the summer in the Harrods Parfumery Hall to celebrate the movie "The Great Gatsby".

Reserve price set at 350. Please send your cheques to "SUKA", c/o The President, Orchard House, Mays Lane, Arkley, EN5 2AH before 5 December 12 noon. This deadline is for postal bids. You can still bid for the mannequin on the 7 December if you have bought tickets to come to the SUKA Annual Ball. Shipping of the mannequin is not included and the successful bidder is to arrange for its collection / shipping. Please mark the back of your cheque with the words "Mannequin Auction" and please provide your email, telephone number and postal address.

17 October 2013

The much talked about SUKA Annual Ball is back on the circuit this year ! The Great Gatsby meets Downton Abbey meets 1920s Shanghai Tang ! Come dress as a Lord and Lady of the Manor, or as a gangster and his moll from 1920s Chicago or Shanghai !

Great entertainment in the form of a live band playing music from that era and a Charleston dance performance. Guests will also be taught some dance floor moves of that period.

In addition, please bring your camera as we will have life-sized props set-up in the hotel which were the recent Great Gatsby movie promotional props (kindly donated by Harrods of Knightsbridge). We also have an auction that evening where a fabulous and collectable one -third scale mannequin dressed in 1920s dress and accessories , also donated by Harrods , will be put up for sale . And not forgetting a pair of SIA return tickets to Singapore with hotel stay which is also up for auction.

The evening will end with our famous SUKA Raffle Draw, with a return ticket to Singapore to be won and also many other valuable prizes.

Cheques to be sent to SUKA, PO Box 6358, London W1A 6BF and please email to confirm your attendance. We will also email you a confirmation.

See you there and for now here's a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby...

"And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy."

25 September 2013

19 September 2013

This Saturday , 21 September, marks the inaugural lesson for the SUKA Mandarin Programme for Children and the culmination of much effort and support from our community here in London - without which this would not have happened. Amongst the several SUKA members who have helped me bring this programme to fruition are Ivy Heng, Leong Qi Xiang and Mary Lo. Mary, in particular, planted the seed of an idea to start a Mandarin school for kids when in early 2012, she volunteered to be a Mandarin teacher for SUKA. Since then, over the course of last year, various schemes for running such a school were studied (incidentally, we were assisted ably by Qi Xiang) and senior members of SUKA consulted for their opinions. Suffice to say, the current model of working in partnership with Hua Hsia, is probably the best in terms of quality of teaching and risk management for SUKA.

To the first cohort of children (and their parents) starting this Saturday, I wish every one of you the best and may you benefit greatly from this programme.

Best wishes,
Bernard Cheong
President, SUKA

12 September 2013

The subsidy scheme to assist Singaporean parents and their children to enrol onto the SUKA Mandarin Programme in London is as folllows:-

1) one of the parents must be a SUKA 2013 member at the time of enrolment for the Programme

2) in addition, one of the parents must be a Singapore citizen ( a Singaporean passport or NRIC number is required) and the child concerned must also be the holder of a Singaporean passport (or NRIC). Singapore Permanent Residents are not eligible.

3) the parents must sign up for a minimum of 2 terms (fully paid basis of 500) with Hua Hsia to qualify for the subsidy. The one-time subsidy is 50 % of the first term's fees 250. Therefore the subsidy is fixed at 125 per child .

4) all applications for this subsidy must be received by SUKA before 31 December 2013. SUKA will send a cheque to the parents sometime in February 2014 when SUKA has in turn applied to the Singapore Government for the monies and received them.

3 September 2013

Firstly, many thanks to those of you who had attended our "4 in 1" Celebration Event on the 31 August. Feedback on the event has been very good and I believe most of us were amazed at the beautiful decor and the wonderful set-up of the function room that made the event very Singaporean. Our thanks too, to the various stall holders and to Prima Singapore for the effort and support to make the Pasar Malam aspect of the event so lively and interesting. Lastly, our gratitude to all the volunteers who have assisted in the planning, organisation and execution of this event. They have done a great job and I would like to thank them once again for their contribution.

The event also coincided with the launch of the SUKA Mandarin Programme for Children. And as a follow-on to the launch, the Chinese School partner (Hua Hsia) for the Programme is having an Open Day at the school in Hampstead, North London. Parents who are interested to sign up their children for the SUKA Mandarin Programme are encouraged to register for the Open Day (8 September, Sunday) and to go and meet the principal and teachers who shall be administering and teaching this Programme. The Programme will track the Singapore schools' syllabus for teaching Mandarin closely and will assist in the integration of your children's education when they return to Singapore and re-join the Singapore schools' system.

Registration for the Open Day can be done by contacting Hua Hsia Tel: 020 8201 0698 or email

Bernard Cheong
President, SUKA

29 August 2013

We are proud to announce the launch of the SUKA Mandarin Programme for Children which will hold its inaugural classes in September 2013. Teaching Singapore Mandarin is challenging in a foreign environment but essential for our children who intend to return to Singapore and to make their assimilation into the education system easier. SUKA has identified this niche which would be beneficial to all children of Singapore citizens/ PRs living and working in the UK. Together with a local chinese school partner (Hua Hsia), classes will be held for children of P1 to P3 ages/ competency levels. If the response and feedback is good, we will extend this to P4 - P6 ages/ levels in the future.

Details are on the attached flyer, including school fees and the location of the school which is in Hampstead, London. There is also an Open Day on the 8 September Sunday to meet the principal and teachers of Hua Hsia. Due to limited spaces, registration with Hua Hsia for this Open Day is essential.

Depending on the availability of sponsorship to the Association, there may be a cash rebate (subject to terms and conditions) on the Hua Hsia school fees for the programme.

Let's encourage members and friends who have children who are in the school year / level of P1 - P3 to learn and continue with their children's Singapore Mandarin !

Mandarin Programme Flyer

4 August 2013

A special benefit to SUKA members (individual and corporate)

Aequitas Law is proud to be a new corporate member of SUKA. At Aequitas Law we exercise professionalism, which means we work hard, are constantly improving the way we do things, apply our skills effectively and are responsive and respectful. The principal and Director of Aequitas Law, Stanley Jeremiah has been a practicing lawyer both in England and in Singapore. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute and has held various senior management positions in country, regional and global roles. He understands commercial realities and therefore works at providing cost effective solutions that make a practical difference to clients.

Stanley has extended a special service to SUKA members whereby he will provide an hour's consultation on legal matters at no charge. SUKA members can use this time to clarify any legal issues or concerns they may have or to simply seek a second opinion. As we have to comply with the 'know your client' requirements of the professional conduct rules, the initial meeting and consultation would have to be made in person. [i.e. no initial telephone or email consultation] .

Stanley's offer is open until 31 December 2013 and SUKA members are kindly requested to bring along your SUKA 2013 Membership Card as a means of identification when meeting Stanley.

Aequitas Law is conveniently located within 5 minutes' walk of Canary Wharf station, (see: which is on the Jubilee Line and the DLR. Appointments can be made either by calling our office at 0203 135 0246 or emailing Stanley at

Other information

1. The free of charge consultation is not negotiable towards a part payment for the contract of Aequitas Law's further services
2. An engagement of Aequitas Law's services after the free consultation is a matter of contract between the SUKA member and Aequitas Law. SUKA is neither an intermediary nor a broker in this regard.
3. Aequitas Law is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

2 August 2013

OSU ( is putting together a collage for National Day. SUKA members are invited and envouraged to participate.

What you have to do is very simple: you just need to take a photo of yourself with the SG flag (any size) at your current overseas location and hashtag '#' your photo to '#overseassingaporean_ndp13' under Facebook or Instagram. With the hashtag, OSU will be able to find and consolidate your photos. Or email them to

Some instructions below:

(1) Simply snap a photo of you or your friends and family holding any Singapore flag wherever you are in the world

(2) Upload the picture up onto your Instagram or Facebook and

(3) Add the hashtag '#overseassingaporean_ndp13' or email them to If your photo is taken at some place iconic, even better!

Submissions will have to be in by 6th Aug (Tues) in order for OSU to put together the collage and have it up by National Day.

18 July 2013

SUKA is proud to announce the special 4 in 1 Celebration event coming soon to our social calendar.

Having 4 occasions coinciding pretty close together, namely National Day, Hari Raya, Moon Cake Festival and Family Day - we are putting together an extravaganza that will bring the whole family together in one night at the Tara Copthrone Hotel.

The 4in1 event will take place on Saturday, 31st August 2013, between 4pm and 10pm. The theme of the evening will be Pasar Malam.

Please find a lot more information in the following flyer. Click to see a full-size flyer in a new tab/window.

Please note: Early-Bird booking deadline has been extended to 16 August (Friday) 5pm.

9 July 2013

The SHC would like to extend an invitation to Singaporeans in SUKA to attend Evensong at Westminster Abbey on Singapore's National Day. There are limited places so please email your names/ email addresses to Ms Helen Ng ( latest by Thurs,1 August 2013.

Seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis in the main area. Additional people are also welcome, although they may be seated a little way from the rest of the Singaporeans.

The service starts at 5 pm on 9 August so attendees may need to arrive at 4:30pm to be seated.


Members who wish to go, please submit your names and email addresses to and not to

26 June 2013

The National Day Parade Organising Committee is collating videos of Overseas Singaporeans wishing Singapore a happy birthday in conjunction with the NDP in August 2013. We are hoping to receive video well-wishes from OS from all over the world to be compiled and have it shown on the big screen during the parade in Singapore on 9th August.

Submission info can be found here:

Using a smartphone or video-cam, simply upload your well wishes, preferably HD format video, to and send the link of the video to by 1 July.

1. Go to
2. Click "Add files"
3. Click bottom left button and select "Link"
4. Click bottom left button again and then click "Transfer"
5. When transfer is complete, click "Copy link".
6. Send link to

Submissions should be kept to a maximum of 15 seconds!

13 May 2013

                                     Click on images to see full-size flyers.

9 May 2013


Includes:- Sumptuous buffet breakfast at Tara Copthorne Kensington Hotel between 9:30-10:30. Thereafter, to embark the coach for Royal Ascot. Light refreshments provided on coach (feel free to bring a bottle or two of champagne to be shared on the coach), Grandstand Admission Ticket and Afternoon Tea at the Queen Anne Suite at 4pm. After tea, the coach ride back to the Tara Copthorne Kensington.

We have also arranged a special fee for 24 hours parking at Tara for SUKA members going to Ascot, of 10 per vehicle for this day. Reservation (no pre-payment required) for car park space must be made at the time of payment for the above package.

Payment must arrive c/o Peggy AZIZ, Flat 6 NEWTON COURT, 53-59 Kensington Church Street, LONDON W8 4BD, by 20th May 2013, failing which your reservation will be released to waitlisted names. This is because we only have availability for 20 persons. Members who have not registered your interest yet, please email Jane at

Please be aware that the dress code and etiquette is very important and SUKA WILL NOT BE responsible for any refused entry by Royal Ascot for any improper attire or behaviour. Please check their website We have the choice to follow the dress code for the Grandstand, or that of the Royal Enclosure.

22 April 2013

Almost all of you would have received your membership cards by now. We are aware from our records that a number of members have not received their cards but this is because we do not have a physical postal address for you. If you are one of these members, please email with your postal address and we shall send a card to you.

This year, we have a number of corporate members who have extended an exclusive discount scheme to SUKA members. They would require the production of your membership card at the point of purchase or ordering for validation. The latest discount and benefit schemes were provided by the Millennium & Copthorne (UK) Hotels Group which includes their famous Bugis Street restaurants at the Gloucester and Kensington hotels; and by the UK based CityFleet executive cars, black cabs, limousines and coach services - a company of Singapore's homegrown Delgro -Comfort Bus and Taxi company.

For those who are not yet members or are thinking of renewing your membership, it is not late to apply. Pro-rated fees are applicable for mid-year applications. See the Membership section on our website.

Hope you are able to enjoy these exclusive benefits and have a great 2013!

Bernard Cheong
President, SUKA

15 April 2013

SUKA is pleased to announce 2 major exclusive discount schemes for SUKA members from the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Group.

1. 15% off Best Available Rates on stays at all Millennium hotels across the UK

Members should take the following steps to receive the discount:
- Book the stay via and enter the promotional code 'SUKA'
- Present their SUKA membership card on check-in at the hotel

Terms & Conditions
- Members must present their SUKA membership card on check-in.
- Discount is available at Millennium & Copthorne hotels in the UK only.
- Rate is non-commisionable.
- Bookings must be made through the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels website, using the promotional code 'SUKA'.
- Full prepayment must be made at time of booking and refunds will not be made if a booking is cancelled.
- Bookings cannot be amended.

2. 10% off food and drinks at the Bugis Street restaurants in London and at Le Chinois Restaurant and Bar

Terms & Conditions
- Members must present their SUKA membership card on arrival at the restaurant to receive the discount.
- A minimum of at least a Main Course must be ordered, per person, to receive the discount.
- Discount is available at the Bugis Street restaurants at the Copthorne Tara Hotel London Kensington and the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, and Le Chinois Restaurant and Bar at the Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge.

These discounts will run until the end of 2013.

8 April 2013

SUKA would like to welcome CityFleet Networks Ltd as a Corporate Member for 2013.

You will no doubt be aware of ComfortDelGro and our Comfort and CityCab Taxi services in Singapore. We are delighted to be able to tell you that the same level of service can be received here in the UK through their UK company, CityFleet Networks Limited. CityFleet, a part of ComfortDelGro, has been servicing the corporate market with ground transportation solutions for over 35 years providing access to Licensed Taxis (Black Cabs), Standard cars, Executive cars and Executive coaches.

Whether it is a full corporate bespoke solution you require or simply a personal account for occasional taxi use CityFleet is here to help.

Typically Account charges would be in the region of 15-27% of the journey cost and be made up of a number of elements. For SUKA members, both corporate and individuals, CityFleet is pleased to be able to offer significant discounts from their charging tariff. They will simply apply a flat 10% administration fee to each journey and then you will be invoiced on a consolidated basis at the end of the month.

To activate your discount scheme simply contact them at, and a CityFleet representative will be in touch to talk you through the various account set-up options.

25 March 2013

11 March 2013

Dear members

The first batch of 2013 membership cards have been given out today. The 2nd and final batch to all new members and members who have renewed their membership for 2013, will be be posted out within the next 7 days.

For those who have not renewed or are thinking of joining, please don't hesitate. Membership forms can be downloaded from our Membership page on our website.

We hope to conclude certain SUKA-exclusive discount deals with a few key service providers and companies in the next few weeks and any "card-carrying member" of SUKA will be entitled to these deals.

Bernard Cheong

19 February 2013

Dear Fellow Singaporean,

We are excited to bring the 50th installment of the Distinguished Business Leaders (DBL) Series to you in London. Yes, we have hit the big 5-0. The DBL Series has reached out to many Singaporeans living abroad since its inception in 2006 and we thank you for the strong support and interest in it.

For this 50th edition, we are happy to feature Mr Liew Mun Leong of CapitaLand Limited again - he was the speaker who launched the first DBL event in 2006. Join us at Royal Garden Hotel, London, on 1 March 2013 as Mr Liew shares with you his illustrious professional journey of 42 years. Join us at Royal Garden Hotel, London, on 1 March 2013 as Mr Liew shares with you his illustrious professional journey of 42 years, as well as his views on the real estate sector.

Come with your Singaporean friends and enjoy an evening of networking with the speaker over dinner.

Yours sincerely,

(MR) Wong Kan Foo
Overseas Singaporean Unit
Mr Liew Mun Leong
Board Director, CapitaLand Limited
Group President & CEO from 2000 - 2012
Chairman, Changi Airport Group
1 March 2013
Royal Garden Hotel, London

Mr Liew Mun Leong is a Director of CapitaLand Limited.  He was President & CEO of CapitaLand Group from November 2000 to 31 December 2012.  Listed in Singapore, CapitaLand Limited invests, develops, operates and manages a complete value chain of real estate businesses in more than 110 cities in over 20 countries in Asia Pacific and Europe. 


Conceived as a high-profile initiative by the Overseas Singaporean Unit since 2006, the DBL Series seeks to create a platform for interaction between Singapore-based companies and the Overseas Singaporean community, to enable Overseas Singaporeans to stay abreast of developments in the various sectors of the Singapore economy, as well as to find out more about job and business opportunities in Singapore and the Asian region.

We are planning the lineup of events for the rest of 2013.
Look out for it on the Overseas Singaporean Portal!
This email is brought to you by the Overseas Singaporean Unit. To find out more about the programmes, events and initiatives offered by the Overseas Singaporean Unit, visit or 'Like' us on Facebook at 'OverseasSingaporean' to receive updates, news and announcements from home.

2 February 2013

31 January 2013

SUKA is pleased to welcome those of you who had signed up as members for the first time and we hope to see you at our events and activities in 2013. Many thanks also to all of you who had recently renewed their membership. Your support is greatly appreciated.

In particular, we would also like to welcome back the Millennium and Copthorne Hotels Group as a corporate member after an absence of several years. More details about them can be found on this link

The management of SUKA is currently in discussions about member benefits with Millenium and Copthorne (UK) and will update the Association as soon as an agreement has been reached.

Bernard Cheong
31 January 2013

8 January 2013

NOTE: This event is now sold out. Early Bird offer is now ended. If you are still interested in the event, please email to, and you will be put on a waiting list. However, you will no longer be eligible for the Early Bird offer. A big thank you to all the members for your support and interest.

We are happy to invite all our SUKA members and friends to join us in welcoming the Year of the Snake in our SUKA event for Chinese New Year.

Please send all enquiries and bookings to or

2 January 2013

As at 30 Dec 2012, the closing date for the most recent call for nominations, the following persons were proposed and seconded for the committee positions :-

  • VT Rajah (for President-elect), Proposed by R. Danapal and Seconded by Bernard Cheong
  • Jane Cheong (for President-elect), Proposed by Peggy Aziz-Quek & Amelia Lim and Seconded by Molly Tan
  • Ng Meng Chong (committee member-elect) Proposed by Adeline Crouch and Seconded by Tjen Soe Loe
  • Olivia Ow (committee member- elect) Proposed by Bernard Cheong and Seconded by VT Rajah
  • Khoo Swee Chern ( committee member-elect) Proposed by Ranjit Sidhu and Seconded by Jane Cheong
  • Damien Tay (committee member-elect) Proposed by Bernard Cheong and Seconded by VT Rajah

However, Jane Cheong has declined, for personal reasons, to stand for election as President, SUKA. VT Rajah has also declined, for health reasons, to stand for election as President, SUKA.

The current management of SUKA will announce further information (later) about the status of the Executive Committee 2013. Please look out for this announcement on the SUKA website in the near future.

Bernard Cheong

12 December 2012

"The Imperial College Singapore Society (ICSS) is holding our annual musical production next February and we would like to extend a warm invitation to all SUKA members for our production. The production is meant to celebrate and showcase our uniquely Singaporean culture with the inclusion of such Singaporean elements as Singlish, hawker food, NS army references and more. As a gesture of goodwill to the community of which we are a part of for the duration of our studies, we will be donating all proceeds from the production to a chosen charity. It would be a great opportunity to have a night out and enjoy the comfort of the familiar elements of Singaporean culture and donate to charity at the same time! The event details are as follows:

Synopsis: Four Imperial College students who have just finished their exams andare two days away from flying back home to Singapore. At the end-of-exam party,they have one drink too many and chaos ensues. They wake up in some unknownlocation, with no recollection of what happened the night before. What's worseis that one of their friends is missing and he was the designated"sober" one to hold all their passports. They embark on a journey toput the pieces of their memory back together, bumbling through drunkenstudents, wax statues and even the cast of the Lion King! Will they find their missing friend? With onlya day before their flight back home, will they make it back to Singapore? Come on down to find out!

Date: 2 February 2013

Time: 7.30 pm (Registration opens 6.45 pm)

Venue: Imperial College Great Hall

Ticket Price: 10 (9 early bird price ending 6 January 2013) Tickets can be purchased from"

11 December 2012

Or click here to join the survey.

27 November 2012

Nominations are invited for the various office bearer and committee member posts for the Singapore UK Association. Nominations shall close at noon on Sunday 30 December 2012. Eligible nominees' names shall be published on the SUKA website after the 2 January 2013. Adequate notice shall be given for a forthcoming Annual General Meeting which shall elect the nominees to the various posts.

All nominations must be emailed to :

When sending in your nominations, please be aware of the following criteria required from the candidates:-

1) All nominations must be emailed to : before the dateline above
2) Each nominee must have a Proposer and a Seconder. All 3 must be current SUKA 2012 members. You cannot propose or second your own nomination.
3) In addition, your particular attention is drawn to clause 7.2 of the SUKA Constitution concerning the eligibility of the office bearers

By Order of the Association

9 November 2012

Click on the image to see a larger flyer

Menu of the day:

1. Satay Chicken & Lamb
2. Guinness Chicken Wings
3. Deep Fried Sliced Fish with Pepper & Salt
4. Kueh Pie Tee
5. Indian Rojak
6. Curry Chicken with Roti Canai / Boiled Rice
7. Stir Fried Long Beans, Lady Fingers, Aubergine with Sambal Sauce
8. Char Kuay Teow
9. Singapore Char Hea Mee (Prawn noodle)
10. Tapioca Kueh & Kueh Seri Muka (pandan on top and glutinous rice at the bottom)
11. Teh Tarik & Bandung

Chef will be able to prepare Kueh Pie Tee in front of the guests.

Places are limited, book your place as early as you can!

28 October 2012

Click on Flyer to see full-size invitation.

18 October 2012

Click on Flyer to see full-size invitation.

8 October 2012

24 Sep 2012

Dear Members

You may have heard of plans or indeed heard my presentation at the AGM earlier this year regarding SUKA's setting up of a Mandarin school for young children in Central London. We are able to do this with assistance from a few volunteer teachers and also from the Overseas Singaporean Unit.

In the course of our planning, we have received tentative interests from some parents of young Singaporean children but as our plans are now in the final stages, we would like to solicit more views from our young parents in London about how SUKA should plan and operate this school in the future. To refresh everyone's memory and to serve as a aide memoir for you to pen down your views to me, here are the pointers regarding the planned SUKA Mandarin School:

1) As there is critical mass amongst the Singaporean community in London, the venue is likely to be a rented church or school hall , somewhere in the West End. There would be rental costs involved and although there may be a subsidy, we would like a small contribution from parents who are sending their children to the SUKA Mandarin School. We are planning for a 300 per year contribution for each child . Your views about this level of contribution is sought.

2) The aim of the SUKA Mandarin School is to track the Singapore Schools syllabus P1 - P3 closely. As I mentioned at the AGM, SUKA is aware that there are other good 3rd party commercial Mandarin schools operating in London, who provide an excellent "one-size fits all" Mandarin class for children of chinese descent from all parts of the world. SUKA has identified that there is a niche for a Singapore Schools Mandarin syllabus to be taught to our young children, who come one day, would have to return to Singapore for various reasons. I have heard of children having problems integrating with the education system back in Singapore and the creation of this Mandarin school will help to alleviate some of the stress associated with a mis-matched education curriculum while our children are here in the UK.

The Mandarin syllabus will follow what is taught in Singapore to an extent that is practical and possible , considering our limited resources here in London. For example, if we do not have enough children or there are children of vastly different abilities in Mandarin, in each year group, we may have to amalgamate year groups (e.g. Pre-school and P1 children as a combined group ; P2 and P3 in another single group).

Your comments about this will be appreciated.

3) Due to our volunteer teachers' time commitments, it is envisaged that the school will run only on the weekends. Do you have a preference for which day (Sat or Sun) and the time ?

4) Also, do you know of other Singaporean families who are not SUKA members, who would like to enrol their children in such a school? Obviously, to be fair to other SUKA members, a pre-requisite of enrolment would be that their parents join SUKA as ordinary members. Are there any feedback about how many such families and any views about this?

5) Lastly, any suggestions about the administration and management of this proposed Mandarin school?

Drop me an email or post your views/comments on our Facebook page "Singapore UK Association" before 15 October 2012.


Bernanrd Cheong
President, SUKA

18 Sep 2012

Dear members

Please be aware that the closing date for applications for the above scholarship is drawing near. In case you had forgotten, the dateline is 30 September 2012 and applications are only accepted via the post. No email or electronic transmittal of applications is allowed.

On the other hand, if you have already submitted your application letter and supporting documentation by post, please drop a simple message to to say that you had already done so.

Thank you.

Bernanrd Cheong
President, SUKA

8 Sep 2012

SUKA is proud to invite everyone to our Hari Raya event to be held on 29th September 2012. The venue for the event is the famous Pak Awie Restaurant at 36 Southwick Street, London W2 1JQ.

Please note that we have Early Bird special price for all.
Early Bird to 19/9/2012
Member 15 Non-member 23
After 19/9/2012
Member 20 Non-member 25

The dress code for this event is Smart Casual.

Click on the image above to see a bigger and clearer version of the flyer.

Further enquiries, please direct to Olivia at and Max Rogers at

The menu for the event will be:
Buffet Menu

Chicken Satay
Spring Roll

Nasi Putih (steamed white rice)
Nasi Tomato (tomatorice)
Ayam Merah (a classic Malay spicy chicken dish)
Lamb Rendang (mildly spicy semi-dry lamb curry)
Udang Kunyit (turmericfried prawns)
Ikan Kicap (fish in soy sauce)
Sayur Lodeh (vegetable stew)
Sayur Kacang Panjang (long beans)

Kuih Bakar (Malaybaked cakes)
Bubur Pulut Hitam (black glutinous rice pudding)
Teh Tarik (a famous Malay milk tea drink)

14 Aug 2012

Dear members,

Time has passed us by very quickly and I am pleased to call now for nominations for the various office bearer and committee member positions to manage SUKA from 1 November 2012 to 31 December 2013.

The caretaker committee led by myself, Olivia Ow and Khoo Swee Chern will be stepping down in October. I am barred from running again for President SUKA by the Constitution, having served the maximum of 2 terms. I am grateful for your support during my term and wish the Association well.

Please send in your nominations to before 15 September 2012. To ensure a successful election, SUKA will collate sufficient nominations and give adequate campaigning time for the nominees, hence the date of the AGM for the election will only be announced towards the end of September.

Best regards

Bernard Cheong President

8 Aug 2012

On 6 August 2012, the Singapore UK Association celebrated with our Singapore Olympians at a special dinner hosted by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports in London. A cake (see photo below) was presented to Team Singapore by SUKA.

17 July 2012

Dear members,

Time has passed us by very quickly and I am pleased to call now for nominations for the various office bearer and committee member positions to manage SUKA from 1 November 2012 to 31 December 2013.

The caretaker committee led by myself, Olivia Ow and Khoo Swee Chern will be stepping down in October. I am barred from running again for President SUKA by the Constitution, having served the maximum of 2 terms. I am grateful for your support during my term and wish the Association well.

Please send in your nominations to before 15 September 2012. To ensure a successful election, SUKA will collate sufficient nominations and give adequate campaigning time for the nominees, hence the date of the AGM for the election will only be announced towards the end of September.

Best regards
Bernard Cheong

12 July 2012

The Singapore Sports Council has kindly invited SUKA's members to attend their Olympic celebration dinner on 6th August 2012 at Millennium Hotel. However, as it is at no cost to members, only 40 invitations are offered. Therefore, we have to restrict 2 persons per family, and it will be done on a balloting basis if there are more than 40 applications for this dinner event. Please submit your applications as soon as possible before 25th July 2012 to the

Date: 6th August 2012
Time: 7.30 - 9.00pm
Venue: Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Please find details of this event in the following.

5 July 2012

The Westminster Abbey annually invites each nation on their National Day to say prayers for the future wellbeing of their country. As usual, the Singapore High Commission has invited SUKA Singaporean members to join in this special service of evening prayers on our independence day, 9th August 2012.

As spaces are limited and constrained in the pews, therefore the first 20 who respond will be allocated to these seats. However, we do warmly welcome those who respond later on, to join us in prayers as well for Singapore. They can only join us by coming into the Abbey "walk-ins" with the general public, but will be seated separately from the main group.

Date: Thursday, 9th August 2012

Venue: Westminster Abbey

Time: Service starts at 5pm. Guests are requested to be seated at 4.30 pm.

Please kindly let us know and send your request to the email address by 25th July 2012.

26 June 2012

In the month of July, the OSU will be having two exciting programmes targeted at our Overseas Singaporean(OS) youths.

NS Familiarisation Visit
Come 18 July, OSU with our friends from MINDEF, will be facilitating an NS Familiarisation Visit to the Basic Military Training Camp at Pulau Tekong. This will be a good opportunity for your child (if you are a parent) or yourself (if you are a OS youth) to have firsthand exposure to the camp grounds and learn more about the NS experience.

Participants will get the chance to put on the full set of army gear, handle sophisticated equipment for field trainings, and learn the various kinds of commands commonly used. Cadets will be on hand to guide participants through this visit and to share with them their personal experiences. This visit is open to both boys and girls. Please note that attendees will have to between 15-18 years old, and a Singapore citizen.

There are limited spaces, so hurry and sign up online at this link.

Project Aspire!- an online photo campaign
In conjunction with SHINE, a month-long youth festival organised by the National Youth Council (NYC) in the month of July, OSU will be launching an online photo campaign to celebrate our OS youths, no matter where they may be.

In line with the theme for SHINE, "Aspirations", Project Aspire! wants to know and celebrate the aspirations, passion and hopes of our OS youth. To participate, OS youth simply have to take a photo of themselves, with the words "Young Singaporean Abroad: Aspiring _________". Example, they could be aspiring musician, or aspiring to see the world. The sky is really the limit as to what the aspiration can be. Next, simply upload and submit the photo via our Project Aspire! page (coming up soon) on the Overseas Singaporean Portal. In additional, we will be doing a feature article on one OS youth who has submitted the most creative photo.

Project Aspire! will be launched on 28 June, and close on 24 July. More buzz on Project Aspire! will be coming your way very soon. So, spread the word to OS youth out there that something is brewing- and keep watch on the Overseas Singaporean Facebook at, and the Overseas Singaporean Portal, for more information!

18 June 2012

15th June was the launch of the Singapore UK Scholarship for Accounting and Business Studies at a ceremony conducted at the Singapore High Commission in London. Applications are now open and if you are keen to embark on a course of study leading to a Masters degree or the ACCA qualification, please apply in writing according to the criteria attached.

Good luck and please be aware that the scholarship (of which 6 in total are available) are for 50% of the tuition fees payable and that this is for academic entry in either January, May or September 2013. Closing date for applications is 30 September 2012.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for interviews with the SUKA Selection Committee.

View or download the Key Selection Criteria document.

1 June 2012

We congratulate the following who have won themselves a set of official TEAM Singapore merchandise comprising of a T-shirt and a Scarf. Wear them proudly at the Olympics and support the Singapore team!

Mr Max Rogers - Life Member
Ms Sadhana Manoharan - Corporate Member

Our thanks to Ms Karolyn Poon of the Overseas Singaporean Unit for drawing the winners today.

14 May 2012

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