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Join us to create one big Singapore family in the UK! You’ll get to attend annual D&Ds, Summer parties and cultural events like Chinese New Year, National Day, Deepavali and Hari Raya to bring Singaporeans together and to keep the culture of our Singaporean lifestyle very much alive in the UK. Develop friendships, partnerships and celebrate Singapore’s many multicultural events. This video will show you all the fun and enjoyable events that await you!


SUKA Yu Sheng CNY 2016Sign up now for your membership!

Members are eligible for SUKA Member discounts and benefits. SUKA membership runs for one year: from January 1st to 31st December and is renewable annually.

  • Individual membership has an annual fee of £20 per year (£10 between July-Dec)
  • Family membership has an annual fee of £30 per year. This includes 2 adults and 2 children under 18 (£15 between July-Dec)
  • Student membership for £0 per year. That is, FREE. This applies for Singaporean citizens and PRs only. (please see notes)
  • Corporate membership has an annual fee of £100 per year. You can include up to 5 nominees including the principal applicant. (£50 between July-Dec)

Currently all membership fees are half price for the second half of the year.

Sign up online today!

Clicking this button will take you to our online membership platform hosted on Membermojo.

Do you prefer signing up by post?

Now that you can sign up online, we prefer keeping in touch with our members that way. But some of our members prefer corresponding by post. To cover our admin costs for this, please add an extra £10 for the year – for example, an individual membership will cost £20 + £10 admin fee = £30. To apply, please download and print the postal application form (PDF). Fill it in and send it together with your cheque made payable to ‘SUKA’ to the following address:
38 Aldeburgh Street
SE10 0RR

Special instructions for students

Students studying full time at a British educational institution can qualify for free membership if they are Singapore citizens/PRs.  Please sign up online and follow the instructions on the form as to how to submit your proof of student status (e.g. a scan of a letter from your school/university or card). Your NRIC number is required as proof that you are a Singapore citizen/PR. For non-Singaporeans, you are welcome to join SUKA on an Individual membership.

Condition of membership

Please note that a condition of membership is that you have to be resident in the United Kingdom and have a current UK residential address at the time of application for membership. The Association reserves the right to request for evidence (e.g. council tax bill or UK driving license etc) of your residential address in the UK. We cannot therefore accept membership applications from people based in Singapore, even if they are intending to relocate to the UK for studies or work purposes. You will have to wait until you arrive in the UK to apply, when we shall be pleased to welcome you as a member.