SUKA has received one nomination for the leadership of the SUKA committee for 2018/19. Members who have renewed for 2018 will be eligible to vote for the new committee at the AGM on Monday 5th Feb. For members unable to attend, proxy voting forms will be issued during the week before the AGM, and voting choices must be received by email or post by Saturday 3rd February (48 hours before AGM).

Proposed committee for 2018/19

Nominated by: Guanlee Wee
Seconded by: Hatem Aziz

Proposed Office Bearers:
President – Joon Tan

Vice President – Ranjit Sidhu
Secretary – Radha Vijya Kumar-Nair
Treasurer – Peggy Aziz

Proposed Exco Members:
Adeline Kao
Manjit Sidhu
Delia Tan
Anu Balamurali
Martina Griffin

Student Representatives:

Ng Si Hong
Foong Zhi Yu

Brief Statement of Support for Application

As a long term supporter of SUKA, Joon and the committee has an excellent track record for organising events (SUKA and OSU) that consistently meets participants’ expectation.

He has established personal relationships with the Office of the Singapore High Commission, Overseas Singaporean Unit, UK-based Singapore societies (Students, Young Professionals, National University of Singapore) and Singapore corporates operating in the UK. Joon and his proposed executive committee members are passionate about SUKA and committed to developing Singapore community spirit and culture in the UK.

Plans for the future of SUKA

  • Work towards improving support for SUKA’s activities, financially or otherwise, by cultivating long-term lasting relationships with external parties who are interested in supporting the objectives of SUKA.
  • Raise the profile of SUKA externally with the view to increasing SUKA’s membership base and the overall number of participants at SUKA events.
  • Ensure SUKA’s participation in Singapore-related events that will be of interest to SUKA by further strengthening SUKA’s connectivity with official agencies of Singapore and other Singapore-affiliated societies.
  • Prepare SUKA for Singapore’s 200th anniversary celebrations in 2019

Other submission of interest

Max Rogers, long-time loyal member of SUKA, has expressed interest in writing to continue to be involved as an active SUKA member. He clarified that he is happy to support the nominee committee on an ad-hoc basis outside of the Ex-co due to his other commitments. We are very grateful for members like Max who continue to inspire us and being a genuine lifelong supporter of SUKA!

Announcement: Nominations for SUKA Committee for 2018/2019