Each committee of SUKA is staffed entirely by volunteers led by the respective elected Presidents of the Association. Many of SUKA’s members have contributed to the success of the various committees and more often than not, their efforts have gone unrecognised. In a small and limited way, due to space constraint, this honour roll of Past Presidents , not only serves to record for posterity, the contributions made by each president but also those made by their committee who served together with him/ her.

The members who helped draw up the list of Past Presidents include Wee Guan Lee (the 2nd president), Ranjit Sidhu, Selva Naidu and Lutfi Talib (who provided much of the definitive information on record). Some presidencies started and ended not exactly concurrent to a calendar year and therefore SUKA apologises if there are “errors” in the year recorded against the name, when actually the term of the Presidency could have been (for example) March 1997 to March 1998. However, for simplicity , Lutfi has defined the year served as the closest approximate to the term of the presidency.

Honour Roll of Past Presidents

1988 Jacob John
1989 Wee Guan Lee
1990 Paul Supramaniam
1991 Chan Tai Keong
1992 Goh Ho Wee
1993 Lutfi Talib
1994 Lutfi Talib
1995 Steven Yeo
1996 Steven Yeo
1997 Selva Naidu
1998 Christopher Khoo
1999 Tay Wei Meng
2000 Yvonne Griffin
2001 Wee Guan Lee
2002 Cheryl Yeow
2003 Ranjit Sidhu
2004 Ranjit Sidhu
2005 O T Theong
2006 O T Theong
2007 Oliver Chong
2008 Conrad Chua
2009 Conrad Chua
2010 Bernard Cheong
2011 Bernard Cheong
2012 Bernard Cheong
2013 Bernard Cheong
2014-15 Mr VT Rajah

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