Singapore UK Association (SUKA) is run by volunteers. Here’s the SUKA committee for 2016/17:


President: Sharliza Rahman
Sharliza was elected SUKA President at the 2016 AGM, becoming the first female Malay to pick up the mantle. Having volunteered for SUKA since 2014, she had made use of her extensive professional digital experience to turn around SUKA’s online offering and communications, and spearheaded activities and events to attract new members while making things livelier for current members. She is a regular performer at SUKA events thanks to her musical background. She wrote a song for SG50, ‘Singapore Its Where We Belong‘, which featured SUKA members in the music video. Recently, she was interviewed on Suria Channel about SUKA and its National Day celebrations in London. She is frequently found sending SUKA emails after midnight.
Sharliza Rahman
Vice President: Peggy Quek-Aziz
Peggy has been a SUKA member for the past 10 years. She’s very active  and loves going out and meeting people from all over the world.  Currently she is semi retired, having worked for a foreign bank for the past 23 years which was her career highlight. She’s married to an British Egyptian with two grown up girls (Neveen and Nesreen). She is brilliant at organising exciting and interesting events and getting a good deal for shows! Her favourite phrase is “Enjoy – life’s too short!”
Peggy Aziz-Quek - SUKA
Secretary: Anu Balamurali
Having graduated from a ‘Singapore Girl’ to a full time mum, Anu remotely runs a small business in Singapore. She has done a great share to grow the Singapore spirit in the UK and has grown leaps and bounds as events MC. Give her your compliments and share your woes and she’ll be happy to take them forward. Majulah Singapura!
Anu Balamurali - SUKA
Treasurer: Radha Vijya Kumar Nair
Radha came to the UK to do her A levels and degree from 2000-2005 and came back to London after her marriage in 2010 and is settled here with her young daughter and son.  Although she has been here for a while her heart is still in Singapore, yet through SUKA she feels more at home meeting fellow Singaporeans over yummy Singaporean food! She guards SUKA expenses with an iron fist.
 Radha Vijya Kumar-Nair - SUKA
Exco Member: Adeline Kao
Adeline has been a very loyal SUKA member since it was established and had been Secretary a few times. She is excited to join young(er) and energetic members on the Committee this year, and she hopes, together with their enthusiasm and new ideas, to organise many exciting events for everyone throughout the year and attract more people to join SUKA.
Adeline Crouch - SUKA
Exco Member: Manjit Sidhu
Manjit has been a very loyal SUKA Member also, who had been responsible for organising Diwali events year after year. She is also our raffle prize queen, in charge of bringing together all manner of wonderful prizes for our raffle draw and quizzes.
Manjit Sidhu - SUKA
Exco Member: Delia Tan
Delia energises every event she’s at and her incredibly glamorous self had been winning best dressed over many years. She is a gifted expert at influencing members and friends to buy raffle tickets.
Delia Tan SUKA
Exco Member: Barbara Sidhu
Barbara has been a SUKA member for a number of years and she has brought fresh ideas to the team such as the vibrantly colourful Diwali fashion show. This busy, successful entrepreneur is also mother to two bright and talented youngsters who frequently grace SUKA events!
Barbara Sidhu SUKA
Exco Member: Natasha Natt
Natasha is a formidable lawyer and mother of four who manages to juggle all her commitments incredibly well! She never shies from learning new skills which she has taken on as part of SUKA duties. She continues the great legacy of her father VT Rajah who is SUKA’s former President.
 Natasha Natt SUKA
Volunteer: Chris Wongsosaputro
Chris is wonderfully supportive and reliable volunteer of SUKA, and kindly helps out brilliantly with events and databases. His footage of the SUKA National Day celebrations ended up on Singapore TV!
Chris Wongsosaputro SUKA
Student Representative: Cheryl Tham
Cheryl is a bright young student and model who has represented SUKA at a Chinese language interview and MC’d at events.
Cheryl Tham SUKA
Student Representative: Nadya Watts
You may have seen Nadya greeting you at a SUKA event reception or helping out at the Community Day! She was also the superb videographer for SUKA’s first ever Mannequin challenge.
 Nadya Watts SUKA


Executive Committee 2014 – 2015
President VT Rajah
Vice President Peggy Quek-Aziz
Secretary Adeline Kao
Treasurer Radha Vijya Kumar Nair
Digital & Membership Secretary Sharliza Rahman
Exco Member Manjit Sidhu
Exco Member Anu Balamurali
Exco Member Yvonne Griffin
Student Representative Natalie Yeo
Student Representative Evelyn Chou
Executive Committee 2010-2014
President Bernard CHEONG
Vice President Brian TAN
Secretary Adeline CROUCH
Treasurer Olivia OW
Membership/Events Secretary San CHOO
Webmaster KHOO Swee Chern
Exco Member LEE Kar Lup
Exco Member Wendy PETIT
Exco Member Max ROGERS
Exco Member Joanne CHOW
Exco Member LIM Yee Hung
Exco Member Andrew HAVERY
Student Representative Valentine CHUA
Executive Committee 2009
President Conrad Chua Kheng Hwa
Vice President Brian Tan
Secretary Michelle Chan
Treasurer Harbinder Kaur
Membership/Events Secretary San Choo
Webmaster Khoo Swee Chern
Exco Member Andrew Havery
Exco Member Wendy Petit
Exco Member Jermaine Loo Hsi Wey
Student Representative Cheryl Ho
Student Representative Jessie Shen
Executive Committee 2008
President Oliver Chong
Vice President Dr Richard Siow
Secretary Divya Panickar
Treasurer Quek Chee Peng
Membership Secretary Adeline Keh
Webmaster Khoo Swee Chern
Newsletter & Publicity coordinator Michelle Teo
Exco Member Victor Ong
Exco Member Andrew Havery
Student Representative Andrew Jasudasen
Student Representative Nik Ismail Bakti/ Michelle Chan
Contact Singapore rep Raymond Toh