Meaning of SUKA

SUKA (Singapore UK Association) is a non-profit and non-political organisation which aims to bring together Singaporean families, professionals and students to develop friendships and celebrate Singapore’s multicultural events here in the UK.

Watch this 2-min overview to learn about SUKA and the fun things we do


SUKA was formed by a pioneer group of eight Singaporeans in 1988 with an initial of 60-70 members who had been living in UK for several years and were missing their beloved country of origin and the contact with fellow Singaporeans. The patron of SUKA is Her Excellency, The High Commissioner for the Republic of Singapore.

Since then, SUKA’s membership rose rapidly in numbers throughout the years and now its membership has expanded to more then 300 in the past years. The majority of the members are still Singaporeans or past Singaporeans who continued to maintain interest in the Singaporean culture. Memberships are also extended to non-Singaporeans from the ASEAN and Europe region. All united in SUKA by their common interest in Singapore.

What SUKA does

SUKA is aimed primarily for overseas Singaporean families and friends with an interest in Singapore to interact, develop friendship and to continue to support and celebrate Singapore’s multicultural events.

The nature of SUKA activities revolves around organising social events such as annual Dinner and Dance,  and cultural events like Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya to keep the culture of Singaporean lifestyle very much alive in UK.

SUKA also strives to organise variety of events such as

  • SUKA-SUKA series: fun activities to bring people together such as karaoke
  • family-friendly events such as trips and excursions
  • group trips to quintessentially British events like Royal Ascot & Chelsea Flower Show
  • opportunities for business/professional networking.

Executive Committee

The SUKA Executive Committee are a board of members who are volunteers elected by the SUKA members at the annual SUKA AGM to run the organisation. Find out about our committee members past and present.